Dear GB community,
Our wonderful community sits only 32 to 70 miles from the Cascade Subduction Zone. This offshore fault line roughly parallels the coast from northern California to north of Vancouver, BC, Canada. An earthquake along this fault could create a tsunami that would strike the coast in minutes, and this earthquake might be our only warning of such an event. After the ground stops shaking, if you are in the Tsunami Zone grab your GO BAG (see below), and move immediately to higher ground as a tsunami could reach land in as little as 15 minutes. In GB, this would be the Gleneden Beach Loop Road. Currently, our fire station is closed as a congregation site, so once you reach the loop, proceed to our community cache,
located on the south side of Church Street. Church St. is west of the GB Loop Road.
The cache is a green shipping container where we have stored water, medical supplies and other necessities.
Please be aware that you are responsible for your own food. It’s not possible for us to store and monitor food in the container.
We will soon be organizing some informational events at the Community Club related to being prepared. Dates and times TBA. In the meantime, the E-P committee encourages everyone to visit the Lincoln County Emergency Management website: – then go to emergency management to find tsunami maps, information, and planned informative events in different locations.
In addition, attached is a list of potential items to be included in a “GO BAG”. Each family member should have one, and they should be in an easy to grab spot for when you move to higher ground in the event of a tsunami. Don’t forget supplies in a GO BAG for your pets!
Some items (food, tools, water, etc) can be stored in multiple places like your auto, garage, or house.
Suggested items to keep under family members beds:
sturdy shoes, leather gloves, hardhats, flashlight


Suggestion List for an Emergency GO Bag or Kit

Have a backpack of supplies for each family member, including pets. Keep them in a place known to all family members and accessible in a hurry. Decide which items are best for you and your family to quickly grab and be able to carry in the case of a tsunami, wildfire, or other emergency.
This list is not comprehensive and should be tailored to each person’s needs and carrying ability.
One gallon per person per day is recommended. Life straw or other portable water filter, plus collapsible cups.
Several days supply of non perishable food, including infant formula and baby bottles if applicable.
Pet food, pet bowls, paper plates and silverware, a mess kit, paper towels, can opener, scissors, feeding instructions for each pet.
Please be aware that you are responsible for your own food supply.
Personal Hygiene
Moist towelettes, tooth brushes and paste, hand sanitizer, soap, dust masks, feminine hygiene supplies, diapers, non -latex gloves, toilet paper, garbage bags and twist ties. A complete change of clothes for each family member including sturdy shoes, warm jackets and rain gear.
Medications and Rx list, copies of medical cards, doctor’s names and contact information, pain relievers, first-aid kit and handbook, spare pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses and cleaningfluid, prescription meds for pets and pet first aid book.
List of emergency out-of-area contact phone numbers, copies of personal identification, whistle to signal for help, cell phones and charger, batteries.
Important Documents
In a waterproof container keep copies of insurance policies, loan documents, birth certificates, bank account records, personal ID, cash (small bills are better), microchip information for pets, copies of rabies and vaccination certificates. Family member and pet photos (recent). Notepads, pens and pencils.
Sleeping bags, warm blankets, silver blankets, local maps, flashlights and batteries, crank or battery operated radio.

Duct tape and plastic sheeting. Folding shovel.
NOAA Weather radio with batteries. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities.
Waterproof matches or regular matches in a waterproof container.
Pet leashes, collar and ID, pet toys, pet carrier with bedding. Cleaning supplies for pets (paper towels, plastic bags, disinfectant).
Extra set of house keys and car keys.
Multipurpose tool or folding knife.
Sturdy work gloves.
Small butane or propane camping stove and fuel.





110 Azalea Street, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388